Time to start? Why not :)

I created this blog in May and it’s July.. but it feels like it’s time to start.

I just watched the first season of Eastsiders, a series about a gay couple breaking up. The plot is kind of predictable but still keeps your attention. What I really liked was that this series has short episodes (approx 10 mins each), interesting music choices and cute characters.

I have seen quit a lot of gay series and movies, but 5,8 in IMDB? Seriously? It can be 6,5 I think, I kind of liked it. I will watch at some point the second season and I will tell you if I insist on 6,5. Give it a try… and let me know or if you have seen it already feel free to comment.

You can find them on Instagram Instagram_icon_200 if you’re curious about the series!


PS: They drink a lot on each episode, I felt like joining them.. so, be prepared!


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